Ilana R. Wieder is a picture book developmental editor and author with particular interest and expertise in Jewish culture and Jewish picture books

Picture Book Developmental Editor


Bringing Your Story to Life

As a picture book developmental editor, I have help my clients bring their stories to life in a fun, concise way. I have worked with a variety of books, but I have particular expertise and passion for Jewish picture books.

Story Structure and Storytelling

Because of my many years of experience telling stories across genres and mediums, I have developed a keen eye for story structure. I guide my clients in centering the child’s perspective and knowing what will resonate with children and how to modulate content for different ages.

Tell Your Story with a Picture Book Developmental Editor

Being multilingual, I have a unique sensitivity to language sounds and I encourage writers to use compelling words, efficiently. One of my specialties is working with stories centered around Jewish culture. I am passionate about helping writers of diverse backgrounds tell their stories.

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