About Ilana R. Wieder – Author, Playwright, Director.


Ilana R. Wieder in front of a sunset

Ilana brings her professional experience as an actress and director to write (and direct) children’s plays, picture books, and MG/YA novels. Ilana wrote and performed in her own One-Woman show based on her experience traveling abroad – in multiple venues. Currently, she is adapting the play into a book.

In her writing, she focuses on social/emotional stories with a lot of heart. On immigration stories depicting bravery and courage. And on stories centering around family, friends, lovable pets, and Jewish values.

She worked as a motion capture actress where she played roles such as Yasmin in  “BRATZ” and Strawberry Shortcake in the hit television series by the same name.

More recently, she’s been writing original plays and directing youth theatre in several productions. Her play, Through A Magical Forest, was featured in the play festival of AATE. Her spoken word poem, Unbound, received critical acclaim at the 2020 AATE conference. Some of her articles can be found in Macaroni Kid newsletters and The Yogic Way magazine. Her articles, “Is It Ready for Submission” and “Strike While the Iron is Hot” were published in the SCBWI regional newsletter of Nov. 2020, “Yoga and Writing” was published in the April/2021 issue and “Vegetables and Sugar” was published in the November 2021 issue.  Her recipe, “Yogurt Stir-Ins” was featured in Highlights-High Five magazine in April, 2023. And her poem, “My Rock Collection” is in the November 2023 issue of Highlights – High Five magazine.

Besides writing, performing and directing, she teaches theater, yoga and Hebrew to students of all ages. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, drawing and painting, as well as hiking with her husband and three beautiful boys.